Tour Details

Tour NameDarwin to Perth Tour
Price 2024:$5875
Group Size:Max 20
Suitable ForAdventure Travellers
DepartsDarwin 7am. Monthly Apr – Oct
Vehicle4WD Overland Truck (Kimberley) + All Terrain Vehicle (West)
OperatorCode Shared with Adventure Tours Australia
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Package Inclusions

  • 10 Day Darwin to Broome Tour.
  • 10 Day Broome to Perth Tour.
  • 4 free days in Broome
  • 18 Breakfasts, 20 Lunches, 18 Dinners
  • All National Park entry fees.
  • All Camping & Accommodation fees.
  • 4WD vehicle in the Kimberley
  • Professional Tour Guide.
  • Pick up and drop off at your accommodation.
  • All camping gear except sleeping bags.
  • 5 Nights Dorm Accommodation in Broome

Package Exclusions

  • Lake Argyle Sunset Cruise.
  • Food & Transport while in Broome
  • Ningaloo Reef Boat Cruises
  • Helicopter Flights at Purnululu National Park.
  • Sleeping Bags.

Darwin to Perth  Tour Notes

  • Prices quoted are AUD – (Australian Dollars).


Darwin to Perth Tour Itinerary

  • Please Note: The following itinerary is to be used as a guide only, road conditions, changing weather over the seasonal period and multiple other factors require that the actual itinerary is structured for the best possible result. Our tour structure is flexible and is designed to change if required.

1. Darwin to Katherine

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The sun rises early in the Kimberley so there’s no point in sleeping in, we’ll pick you up from your Darwin accommodation from 7am and head for the wilderness.

Leaving the comfort of the city behind we head for what many consider to be one of the last great expanses of rugged wilderness areas remaining in the world, the mighty Kimberley Region of Northern Western Australia.

Our first stop on the Darwin to Broome tour is about 2 hours South of Darwin, Edith Falls in Katherine Gorge National Park, a short 3 km walk to the upper pools brings us to the first of many beautiful waterfalls which we will see over the next 10 days.

After Edith Falls we’ll head for our private campsite on the edge of Nitmiluk National Park, where permanent tents with swags await you. In the evening, settle down for dinner with the group.

Edith Falls



  • Depart Darwin
  • Edith Falls
  • Katherine Township
  • Victoria River
  • Private Campsite with Permanent Tents, Toilets and Showers
  • Activities:Swimming & Hiking 3km – 5km
  • Meals: LD

2. Katherine to Lake Argyle

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Today we head to Lake Argyle for what is regularly voted as the highlight of the tour. Lake Argyle is a huge freshwater lake teaming with wildlife, from wallabies in the rocky shores, to freshwater crocodiles to birdlife.

Join a optional sunset cruise on the Lake ($100 payable direct to the boat operator),

Lake Argyle Sunset from the boat


Lake Argyle Infinity Pool

Lake Argyle Infinity



  • Lake Argyle Sunset Cruise (at own cost)
  • Lake Argyle Infinity Pool
  • Camp: Camping with facilities
  • Activities: Boat Cruise & Swimming
  • Meals: BLD

3. Lake Argyle to Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles)

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From Lake Argyle we head into Kununurra to replenish supplies, as we approach town the mobile phones start beeping and we take the opportunity to catch up on the world with some free time in this classic outback town while your guide replenishes supplies.

From Kununurra we head to one of the highlights of this Kimberley trip, Purnululu National Park, more commonly known as the Bungle Bungles. Our time in this region is spent hiking and exploring the Gorges and amazing landscapes the area contains.

The long and dusty track into the Bungles is spectacular; it winds its way through valleys, over ranges and through creeks before arriving at what must be one of the world’s most unique landscapes. The day ends with a spectacular sunset from a vantage point at camp where we’ll spent 2 nights.

Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles)

Sunset at Purnululu


  • Kununurra
  • Purnululu National Park
  • Camp: National Park Facility
  • Activities: Early swimming if keen, walking approx 1 – 2km
  • Meals: BLD

4. Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles)

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Camping deep within Purnululu we are able to take advantage of a spectacular Bungle Bungles sunrise.

A short drive from camp is the trailhead for the Cathedral Gorge hike, a spectacular hike though the beehive formations to Cathedral Gorge. The gorge itself is one of the most impressive geological formations you are likely to see anywhere.

From here there is the opportunity to take a scenic flight over the Bungles, helicopter rides from 18 minutes are available. From the air the bungles take on a completely new perspective and the open chopper is sensational. Scenic flights are at your own expense and organised on the day.

We then head off for Echidna Chasm for a hike into the domes, following a creek to its source at a narrow passage buried within the Bungles.

At the end of the day we crack another sunset and head back to camp.

Dawn hike at Piccaninny Creek, Purnululu National Park

Happy campers after completing an optional helicopter flight at Purnululu


  • Purnululu Sunrise
  • Cathedral Gorge
  • Picaninny Creek
  • Echidna Chasm
  • Beehive Formations
  • Optional Helicopter Flight
  • Camp: National Park Facility
  • Activities: Hiking approx 5km
  • Meals: BLD

5. Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles) to El Questro Station

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Today we leave Purnululu behind and head for the famous Gibb River Road, a 700km long outback road which runs between Derby and Kununurra, it’s not the easiest route, the track is often rough, there are a number or deep water crossings and a 4WD vehicle is essential. However it’s an amazing travel route as along the length of the Gibb River Road are vast tracts of wilderness and numerous rivers, gorges and waterfalls to explore.

After a short distance however we reach El Questro Station, home of many beautiful landscapes and gorges where we’ll spend 2 nights, Emma Gorge, El Questro Gorge and Zebedee Springs are all part of El Questro and we’ll explore these from our comfortable Station basecamp of the edge of a beautiful freshwater creek.

Emma Falls at El Questro


Freshwater Creek Adjacent To Our El Questro Campsite


  • El Questro Station
  • Emma Falls
  • The Gibb River Road
  • Cockburn Ranges
  • Camp: El Questro Camp with facilities
  • Activities: Hiking & Swimming approx 5km
  • Meals: BLD

6. El Questro Station

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With a full day to explore El Questro Station, we make to most of it.

Our first activity is to visit Zebedee Springs, and stunning thermal spring comlex at the base of an escarpment surrounded by Livistonia Palm Trees. What a way to wake up for the day!

From Zebedee we head to El Questro Gorge, a narrow gorge following a flowing creek fresh water

Today we push west, there is a variety great spots to stop and check out, including secluded waterholes and Ellenbrae Cattle Station before arriving at Manning Gorge. Camp tonight is either at Manning Gorge, where toilets and showers are available, or back into the bush depending on the preference of your guide.

El Questro Gorge


Cockburn Escarpment on El Questro Station



  • El Questro Station
  • El Questro Gorge
  • Zebedee Springs
  • Cockburn Ranges
  • Camp: El Questro Camp with facilities
  • Activities: Hiking & Swimming approx 5km
  • Meals: BLD

7. El Questro Station to Manning Gorge

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From El Questro we continue on our Westerly trek towards Broome.

Our first task is to drive the 4WD though the Pentecost River, driving a vehicle across a 60 metre wide outback river which is occupied by Salt Water Crocodiles is not something you do every day, but it’s only way through so across we go.

Today we push west, there is a variety great spots to stop and check out, including secluded waterholes and Ellenbrae Cattle Station before arriving at Manning Gorge. Camp is down steam from Manning Gorge on the banks of the Barnet River, again we stay here for 2 nights.

Crossing The Pentecost River


  • Gibb River Road
  • Ellenbrae Station
  • Pentecost River Crossing
  • Manning Gorge
  • Camp: Campground with facilities
  • Activities: Hiking & Swimming approx 2 – 3km
  • Meals: BLD

8. Manning Gorge

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Another day of adventure awaits. From camp we head off on our daily hike.

A white sandy beach with a Pandanus tree lined waterway opening into a wide clear waterhole greets us only minutes after starting the walk.

The gorge has a waterfall plus a deep wide swimming hole surrounded by granite cliffs & rock outcrops. It is a spectacular setting with hidden examples of Bradshaw Aboriginal Rock Art.

Depending on the time available, Galvans Gorge is also visited.

We return to camp where we can enjoy the tranquil surrounds on the stunning river.

Manning Gorge Falls


Indigenous Rock Art at Galvins Gorge


  • Manning Gorge
  • Galvan’s Gorge
  • Camp: Campground with facilities
  • Activities: Hiking & Swimming up to 8km
  • Meals: BLD

9. Manning Gorge to Windjana Gorge

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The main stop for the today is Bell Gorge, another day, another amazing waterfall to explore! Such is life in the Kimberley.

After a 15-minute walk we come to a beautiful Creek, which flows through the centre of this impressive gorge and cascades over numerous falls. A deep swimming hole at the base of the main waterfall, surrounded by shady ledges and high cliffs, is an ideal lunch spot.

If time permits we also drop into Adcock Gorge today.

Our last camp for the tour is at Windjana Gorge, where a comfortable National Park campground with shower and toilet facilities awaits.

The Spectacular Bell Gorge


  • Adcock Gorge
  • Bell Gorge
  • Camp: Private Wilderness Camp on Station Country
  • Activities: Hiking & Swimming approx 4km
  • Meals: BLD

10. Windjana Gorge to Broome

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Today we explore Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge before making our way into the coastal town of Broome.

Tunnel Creek is an amazing natural phenomenon and holds great significance to the local Aboriginal people, and getting there early normally guarantees we have the place for ourselves. It is a 750 metre long stretch of creek, which runs underground through one of the oldest cave systems in Western Australia.

Aboriginal rock paintings are present in the cave and it was a hideout of the Aboriginal warrior, Jandamarra in 1897.

Next we head to Windjana Gorge, a huge gorge cut into the ranges over millennium to reveal beautiful scenery of high vertical cliffs, sandy beaches and meandering creek. We head off on a hike at Windjana of 2- 4km and always see freshwater crocodiles swimming in the clear waterholes.

From Windjana Gorge we check out the Boab Prison Tree near Derby and then make our way into Broome. We normally arrive into Broome at around 5pm, your guide will drop you at your accommodation.

Tunnel Creek


Windjana Gorge


  • Tunnel Creek
  • Windjana Gorge
  • Boab Prison Tree Derby
  • Broome
  • Activities:Caving & Hiking, approx 4km
  • Meals: BL

11 – 14. Broome Time

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We take a break from the rugged outback and relax in the coastal town of Broome.

There is plenty to do and see in 4 days in Broome, whether it’s a Camel Ride on Cable beach or just relaxing by the pool at your hotel catching up in the outside world.

Note that you are responsible for your own food & transport while in Broome.

A Camel ride on Cable Beach is a popular choice when in Broome


  • Free Time In Broome
  • Explore Broome Town
  • Relax on Cable Beach
  • Take a Camel Ride
  • 3 nights shared accommodation


15 & 16. Broome to Karijini National Park

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Day 13 sees us jumping back into the Adventure Truck where we begin the next leg of the journey, the West Coast

We depart Broome and head south to towards Karijini National Park via 80 Mile Beach & Marble Bar.

We’ll stop for a refreshing swim at 80 Mile Beach before heading inland on a network of dirt roads to Marble Bar, home to the famous Iron Clad Hotel where we can stop for a refreshment and some good Aussie hospitality.

Marble Bar is a unique outback town with a strong history, it also claims the title of Australia’s hottest town, summers are always up there in the high 40’s however back in 1922, long before anyone had invented air conditioning it got to a whopping 49.2C!

From Marble Bar we’ll push further into the heart of the Pilbara to our first campsite.

Our bush camping is something which sets us apart and one of the great experiences that we will have on tour. We seek out camping spots which are located in beautiful wilderness areas and immerse ourselves in the landscape. Where possible we have a campfire and we use swags and tents, swags can be used under the stars or in the tents.

Our first camp is a beauty, located north east of Karijini National Park, a private spot located on a cattle station where we can crank up the campfire and cook up a feast.

80 Mile Beach, exactly 109 miles long!


  • 80 Mile Beach
  • Drive through the Pilbara Region
  • Camp: Private Wilderness Camp on Station Country – River Side
  • Activities: Swimming, Snorkeling & Hiking approx 3km
  • Meals: BLD

17 & 18. Pilbara Coast Karijini.

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We have the next 2 days to explore the remainder of Karijini National Park.

Slot canyons, deep gorges and waterfalls abound in this outback oasis.

Over the next couple of days we’ll aim to hike, swim & explore all the park has to offer.


Waeno Gorge Karijini National Park

Handrail Pool, Karijini National Park

Fortescue Falls, Karijini National Park


  • Fortescue Falls
  • Fern Pool
  • Dales Gorge
  • Weano Gorge]
  • Hancock Gorge
  • Knox Gorge
  • Joffre Gorge
  • Camp: Bush Camp, National Park Facility
  • Activities: Swimming, approx 5km
  • Meals: BLD

19. Karijini National Park to Exmouth

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Today we say goodbye to the spectacular inland gorges of Karijini National Park and head for the Coast, specifically Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef.

Arriving at Exmouth you can jump in the beautiful waters of Exmouth Bay while your guide stocks up on supplies stock up on supplies, depending on the time we may stop at the Ningaloo lighthouse to watch the sunset, another promise of a beautiful day awaiting. Then, we head straight for our private bush camp located right on the water at Exmouth Bay.

Exmouth Bay


  • Hamersley Gorge
  • Exmouth Bay
  • Camp: Permanent Tented camp with facilities
  • Activities: Swimming & Hiking approx 3km
  • Meals: BLD

20. Ningaloo Reef to Coral Bay

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From our Coastal camp we head a short distance Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Reef.

Coastal delights abound including a special place called Turquoise Bay, where the coral reef comes right up to the beach, we spend quality time here exploring the reef where we see tropical fish and if lucky turtles and dolphins.

In addition to Turquoise Bay the Cape Range National Park is home to Yardie Creek, a coastal gorge where there is a great hike and more swimming opportunities.

In the afternoon we make our way to the town of Coral Bay where we have the luxury of a proper bed, the first in a while!


Snorkelling off the beach at Turquoise Bay


  • Ningaloo Reef
  • Exmouth Bay
  • Turquoise Bay
  • Yardie Creek
  • Accommodation: Hostel
  • Activities: Swimming & Hiking approx 3km
  • Meals: BLD

21. Coral Bay

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Coral Bay is only 5 minutes down a bush track. We spend all day at Coral Bay where there is a variety of activities to suit all tastes and budgets, including;

  • Relaxing and swimming on the beach
  • Hiring snorkels and exploring the bay
  • Joining a Manta Ray Snorkeling Boat Cruise
  • Joining a Hump Back Whale Cruise (in season)
  • Joining a Whale Shark Snorkeling Boat Cruise (in season)

If you are planning on doing a Whale Shark cruise, it is best to wait to book this until you join our tour so that you maximise your chances of a successful cruise. Your guide will look at the weather forecast and will also know where the best place is to see Whale Sharks. Our tour is quite flexible so we have the opportunity to move things around a bit if need be.

If you would like to research cruises we use Coral Bay Eco Tours

Whether you have snorkelled with Whale Sharks or relaxed on the Coral Bay Beach with a good book, it’s another day in paradise!

In the afternoon we head back to our camp.

Relaxing at Coral Bay – Photo Credit Steve Chant

Coral Bay Eco Tours


  • Coral Bay – Free day relaxing or optional snorkel hire & boat cruises
  • Accommodation: Hostel
  • Activities: Swimming, Snorkelling & Boat Cruises
  • Meals: BLD

22. Coral Bay to Monkey Mia

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Departing Coral Bay is never easy, what a stunning part of the world!

But, more adventure and beauty awaits, after a morning swim we trek south toward Shark Bay and Monkey Mia.

Stopping off at Carnarvon we then we drop into Hemlin Pool the amazing Shell Beach, which is a beach made of millions of.. you guessed it, shells!

Shell Beach


  • Coral Bay Swim
  • Carnarvon
  • Shell Beach
  • Monkey Mia
  • Accommodation: Hostel
  • Meals: BLD

23. Monkey Mia to Kalbarri

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Arriving at Monkey Mia we spend some quality time with the Dolphins and participate in a feeding session.

Wild dolphins have been visiting the shoreline at Monkey Mia virtually every day for over 40 years, making this spot one of the best and most reliable places for dolphin interaction in the world.

The dolphin interactions are regulated by rangers and a few lucky visitors are selected to hand-feed the dolphins a small amount of fish.

From Monkey Mia we wave goodbye to our aquatic friends and head into Kalbarri National Park where we explore the inland gorges of the park including Murchison Gorge & Nature’s Window where there are some great hiking opportunities.

After some outdoor action, we head to our last campsite which is 100% exclusive on private farming property near Kalbarri National Park.

Dolphin Feeding, Monkey Mia

Natures Window, Kalbarri National Park


  • Monkey Mia
  • Kalbarri National Park
  • Murchison Gorge & Z-Bend
  • Nature’s Window
  • Kalbarri Coastal Walk
  • Camp: Coastal Bush Camp
  • Camp: Private Wilderness Camp on Station Country – Coastal
  • Activities: Hiking approx 3-6km
  • Meals: BLD

24. Kalbarri to Perth

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In the morning we head for the coastal areas of the Kalbarri National Park and complete sections of the Bigurda Trail, this is an 8km trail following the coast and pssing some reallbeautiful gems like Pot Alley, Eagle Gorge and Island Rock.

The beauty of bush camping is that we rise with the sun and get moving early. we’ll head for Nambung National Park, home of the Pinnacles and eventually into the city of Perth where we can drop you at your accommodation.

The Pinnacles – Nambung National Park


  • Kalbarri National Park
  • Nambung National Park
  • The Pinnacles
  • Activities: Hiking approx 3km

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