We pack in the adventure, after all, we are called Kimberley ADVENTURE Tours!


The Mc Donalds burger chain have the ability to produce the exact same Big Mac no matter which restaurant, in which country or even in which decade you buy it, it really is an incredible effort.

We are not the Mc Donalds of tour operators, many strive to be, you see it’s makes life simpler for the person / corporation running the business if all tours are exactly the same.

But that’s, well, a bit boring…..

So what we do if give the guides the ability to and time to look around and try new things, over the years we’ve discovered some seriously cool places, hidden waterholes, Aboriginal Art Sites, the best spots for sunsets, the best spots for spotting wildlife, great camping spots etc.

And it makes perfect business sense, the guide can make or break a trip, if the guide is bored (um…, by doing exactly the same trip every time) then they lack enthusiasm and spark, if they know that they can be out there exploring as well, then their tours are always interesting.


There are no shortage of places the swim in the Kimberley, and we do plenty of it.

For those up for it we sometimes combine the exploring element with the swimming element, like the couple in the photo below, this is from a tour we did in 2015 exploring one of the many gorges in the Kimberley, this one even have a few examples of Bradshaw Art thought to be around 20,000 years old.

If you are not a strong swimmer then let us know and we can pack a swimming noodle, and there are normally opportunities to walk around waterholes if you don’t feel safe swimming.

Exploring Manning Gorge


There is great hiking in the Kimberley, and we do some sort of hike on at least 8 days of the 9 days we travel.

Hikes are often combined with getting to a waterfall or gorge where we can also swim.

In places where we know there will be a lot of people, we structure the tour to do the hike at the time of day when these people will not be there. In the following photo we got up at the crack of dawn and walked as the day began, with not a single person in sight, a few ours later this spot at Purnululu National Park looks like a busy city street!


Dawn hike at Piccaninny Creek, Purnululu National Park


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A truly incredible experience!

I honestly can’t recommend Kimberley Adventure Tours highly enough, it was the perfect way to experience an incredible part of the country. I’m a 20-something solo traveller and our group, traveling Darwin to Broome, consisted of another solo traveller in her 20s and two families of four, with ages ranging from 11 to 50+.

The small group size (10 plus our awesome tour guide Tommy) allowed us to travel in a 4×4 troopie rather than a big bus and meant that the whole trip was completely flexible, tailored to suit our group’s particular interests and preferences. Whether you have a keen interest in capturing those iconic outback photographs, learning more about indigenous culture, birdwatching, sunrise treks, moonlight walks, or just want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and incredible gorges and waterfalls, Tommy’s experience and local knowledge meant that he knew the perfect spots to take us each day to accommodate everybody. As a group we agreed that we preferred camping off the beaten track away from any campsites (“do you wanna go bush, or do you wanna go bush bush?”) so we were able to sleep in swags under the stars in very remote places for 7 out of the 9 nights which was an incredible experience (and during the 2 nights at proper campsites we were extra appreciative for the running water and toilet facilities!).

Daily tasks such as collecting firewood and building the campfire, setting up and re-packing the camp, helping with food prep and washing the dishes were all shared between the group and as cheesy as it may sound, we really did feel like one big family unit in no time, more like we were on a road trip than a tour.

As the website says, this is Kimberley Adventure Tours not Kimberley Luxury Tours so you should expect a back-to-basics type trip, but it never felt that anything was being scrimped on. Swags and tents were clean and comfortable, the troopie was well-equipped in case of emergencies and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so well in my life! We had three large meals per day plus heaps of snacks available for the journey to keep us going. Each evening meal was cooked on the campfire and Tommy managed to rustle up everything from Thai curry and Spag Bol to a Spinach and Ricotta tart and even a full roast dinner!

The Gibb River Road is notoriously bumpy terrain so you will feel like your bones have been rattled a bit at times, but exploring this area on an organised tour with an experienced guide took out all of the stress of attempting to plan and navigate the journey and we always felt like we were in safe hands.
This tour would be great for foreign tourists and Australians alike, of any age providing that you have an average level of fitness and are willing to get stuck in.
It’s an experience not to be missed and since finishing the tour I have been recommending Kimberley Adventures to anyone who will listen!

Visited August 2016


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