Kakadu Tours

Travelwild Australia, which owns and operates Kimberley Adventure Tours, are returning to operate in Kakadu National Park. We first operated in Kakadu in 2000 when we ran a massive 20 day tour from Adelaide to Darwin, however have not had tours their for over 10 years.

We are excited to be dipping our toe back in the water and have recently revamped our Kakadu profile, called Kakadu Adventure Tours, and the website https://kakaduadventuretours.com.au

Our Hosted Self Drive Tours through the Kimberley have been such a hit that we’d like to roll out this model into Kakadu National Park for the 2025 season, booking for this product will soon be available on the Kakadu website.

We have also partnered with 2 local operators, Territory Expeditions and Adventure Tours Australia to offer their traditional truck based camping tours through Kakadu, these Kakadu Tours will be available on the website for the 2024 season shortly

Kakadu National Park.

Kakadu National Park, located in the Northern Territory of Australia, is a sprawling expanse of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and biodiversity that promises an unforgettable experience for tourists. Here’s what visitors can expect when they explore this UNESCO World Heritage-listed site:

  1. Stunning Landscapes: Kakadu is renowned for its diverse landscapes, ranging from rugged escarpments and lush rainforests to vast wetlands and serene billabongs. Tourists can immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring vistas of this ancient land, capturing the dramatic scenery on camera or simply taking in the breathtaking views.
  2. Abundant Wildlife: The park is home to an incredible array of wildlife, including saltwater crocodiles, kangaroos, wallabies, and a myriad of bird species. Nature enthusiasts can embark on guided wildlife tours or explore the park’s numerous walking trails, where encounters with native fauna are almost guaranteed.
  3. Rich Aboriginal Culture: Kakadu is deeply rooted in Aboriginal culture and heritage, with a history dating back thousands of years. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the traditions and customs of the local Indigenous communities through cultural tours, ancient rock art sites, and interactive experiences that provide insight into the Dreamtime stories and spiritual significance of the land.
  4. World-Class Rock Art: One of the highlights of Kakadu is its extensive collection of rock art sites, some of which are among the oldest and most well-preserved in the world. Tourists can marvel at the intricate paintings and carvings depicting Aboriginal life, rituals, and mythology, gaining a deeper appreciation for the cultural legacy of the region.
  5. Adventure Activities: For those seeking adventure, Kakadu offers a range of exhilarating activities such as hiking, canoeing, and 4WD safaris. Whether trekking through rugged terrain, paddling along tranquil waterways, or embarking on a thrilling off-road journey, there are plenty of opportunities to satisfy the adrenaline junkie in every visitor.
  6. Spectacular Sunsets: As the day draws to a close, tourists can witness the spectacle of Kakadu’s fiery sunsets, painting the sky with vivid hues of orange, pink, and purple. Whether viewed from a scenic lookout or reflected in the calm waters of a billabong, these breathtaking sunsets are a photographer’s dream and a fitting end to a day of exploration.
  7. Conservation and Preservation: Kakadu National Park is committed to conservation and preservation, striving to protect its natural and cultural heritage for future generations. Visitors can learn about the park’s conservation efforts and sustainable tourism practices, gaining a greater understanding of the importance of preserving this unique wilderness area.

In essence, a visit to Kakadu National Park promises a journey of discovery, adventure, and appreciation for the natural and cultural wonders of Australia’s Northern Territory. With its awe-inspiring landscapes, rich biodiversity, and deep Indigenous heritage, Kakadu offers an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on all who explore its pristine wilderness.

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