Australia, a ground of no limits where space reigns like a master and where it seems like the sky wants to inhale you. So beautiful, it will haunt those who go away from it. My epic 9 day adventure from Darwin to Broome in the Kimberley was even more adventurous than I thought!

My name is Val, I am a 24 years old French backpackers and here’s why I chose Kimberley Adventure Tours to travel the Kimberley in September 2017:

I wanted to Get Out of My Comfort Zone

For the second time in my life, I slept in a swag under the shining stars! (First time was on my trip for Adelaide to Alice springs with Heading Bush). In case you’re wondering about what a swag is…  No worries, the same question went through my mind when I first heard this word. If I try my best to describe a swag I’d say it’s like a comfortable sleeping bag with a mattress that allows you to fall asleep outside looking at the stars. It can be quite scary, I know. But how exciting is it to experience something you’ve never done before ? It’s now my favourite thing about camping (with the food of course)! What a great opportunity it is to get away from a big city or the routine of our daily lives to experience something different, push our boundaries, and explore parts of ourselves we have yet to meet.


I wanted to experience Camping in the Wilderness

I knew we’d camp in some nice places, but I was blown away! Most nights we camped in the most remote places of the Kimberley and each night I thought I would never sleep properly again in a normal bed. After the 9 Days, that little private camp near the river is still my favourite campsite of the tour (sorry I can’t give more details about the location, we are trying to keep it a secret). Arriving at sunset with the orange light reflecting on the water was perfect. It was for me, the most special place we stayed at for the night (it’s hard to choose between this one and the first night  – the immensity of the place, made me feel so little in front of nature’s power and it was mind-blowing to feel the peace and calm it brings). We sat around the fire, trying not think about sleeping so close to the water and freshies (fresh water crocodiles)…


I wanted to Be Part of An Amazing GROUP Adventure

I had been travelling Australia on my own for 9 months and felt like it would be nice to try AGAIN this way of travelling. This is probably one of the most important things about travelling actually, you get to meet amazing people, who can become your long-life friends. These people will be from different ages, nationalities, backgrounds, genders but all them will be here for the same reason: Enjoy a unique experience. And trust me, there’s no place like the Kimberley.


I didn’t want to Worry about Food

You embarked on an adventure but don’t forget that you’re also on holidays! Don’t worry about shopping, or what you’re gonna eat for breakfast. Kimberley Adventure Tours provides full catering from Lunch on Day 1 to Lunch on Day 9. And trust me when I say, that you’re gonna have plenty of delicious food all the time… Forget about losing weight! From all different varieties of cereals and tea, to pancakes and fruits, to roast and cake. There’s nothing better than a good meal after a great day of adventure.

I wanted to Travel Through one of the most Remote Area of Australia

From Day 1 to Day 9, I never ceased to be amazed by what I could see through the window as we were driving. From the first few hours of driving, leaving Darwin to go to Edith Falls, I knew that the Kimberley would not disappoint. After all, it is supposed some of Australia’s last untouched wilderness area. Australia truly is like looking at a painting and entering an art gallery full of various masterpieces and colours conveying different emotions. Entering a place like Cathedral Gorge at the Bungles Bungles, was extremely moving and overwhelming.

I wanted to chase the most beautiful Sunrises & Sunsets

What’s so beautiful about Australia in general is that each day practically guarantees you a beautiful sunrise and a beautiful sunset. I chose Kimberley Adventure Tours because I knew they would offer me this opportunity. I was lucky enough to have a tour guide who said to me “All that matters is the sun”. He made sure that everyday we would make it on time for the sunset, and that’s exactly what I wanted. Everyone in my group, including my tour guide, loved the colours in the sky as much as I did, we always took time to stop to inhale so much beauty. I still remember sitting on the boat cruise at Lake Argyle and being completely mesmerised by the sunset. Can you imagine anything better than swimming in Lake Argyle with a drink in one hand and crackers and cheese in the other hand, while appreciating the beautiful colours of the sunset reflecting on the perfectly still water? So, can you imagine afterward camping on a little island in the middle of Lake Argyle, in remote Kimberley, with no one else around and waking up to a breathtaking sunrise? Magical.


I wanted to Meets the Locals

After trying to spot a few salties (salt water crocodiles – the ones that want to eat you!) in the Pentecost River, we stopped at Ellenbrae cattle station. The woman living there gave us a lot of information about her life in the middle of nowhere, especially during the wet season (she had to stay locked in for 3,5 months). It was very interesting to have an inside perspective in the life of the locals.

I wanted to Learn more about Aboriginal Culture

We also saw lots of rock art throughout the Kimberley. We stopped in front of a cave, with Aboriginal paintings and were told about the meaning of the symbols on the wall and the importance of storytelling in Aboriginal culture.

I wanted to see the Gibb River Road, the Bungles Bungles and Lake Argyle: 

The 3 Famous Attractions of the Kimberley. Yes you will find some tourists there, but keep in mind that you chose the best tour! Your guide won’t be waiting for you in the bus while you’re doing the walks on your own… He will be with you every step of the way, not only to share with you some interesting information about the places but also because he enjoys being here as much as you do!

Plus, he will take you there when there are no crowds, this might mean getting up at 4am and hiking in the dark, but to get to a beautful place and have it all to yourself it’s worht it.

I wanted to be Surprised

I remember walking to Emma Gorge and thinking there couldn’t be a more beautiful and adventurous place in El Questro. That was before we went to El Questro Gorge trail itself. Not only it was absolutely breathtaking, it was also very challenging physically and mentally. I wrote more about this trail in the following article: This Is El Questro Gorge.

I was seeking for Knowledge and True Adventure

If you are looking for knowledge and true adventure, then you have found the perfect place. Kimberley Adventure Tours offers improvisation in adventure and information in beauty. Not only will you learn all sorts of things about Aboriginal culture, geology, vegetation and animals; you will also learn more about yourself whilst bush camping with a group. You will have time to reflect on yourself and the beautiful world surrounding you. You will appreciate even more what you are able to see.

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