This is Purnululu National Park

Purnululu National Park is located in remote North Western Australia, it’s an island in the desert of spectacular and unique geology with World Heritage status.

Incredibly, the place was only “discovered” by the outside world in 1983!

Here’s is a brief history..

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KAT Launches West Coast Camping Tour

Kimberley Adventure Tours (KAT) have launched a new product exploring the West Coast of Western Australia between Perth and Broome operateing under the brand “West Adventure Tours

KAT have been operating in the Kimberley successfully since 1997 offering a rough and rugged adventure experience for those looking to immerse themselves into the Wilderness through small groups, private access to bush camps and adventure activities.

“This formula has worked really well for us, while others are trying to add comfort to their tours, we are unashamedly saying, “we are not comfortable, we are not predictable, we are not the big mac of tours, if you want those things you will not like our tour.”

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Our Island

Did you know we camp on an island?

Thats right, we camp here on our 9 day Kimberley Tours check it our below.

This is a very special place, seriously remote and the water is beautiful and fresh and perfect for swimming.

The sunsets and sunrises from KAT island are unreal and this activity is regularly voted as a highlight of our 9 day trip, and best of all, its all included in the tour price.

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Our Kimberley Campsites

As far as connecting with nature, camping is one of the best things you can do, I’m not talking about setting up a tent in an overcrowded campground, I’m talking setting up in a beautiful & remote wilderness area surrounded by nothing but nature.

This is the type of experience we have perfected at Kimberley Adventure Tours, after 20 years of operation we have developed relationships with local landholders which give us exclusive and private access to some awesome spots, here’s a look at a few.

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