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Our Kimberley Vehicles

Locally the Gibb River Road is known as the vehicle wrecker and there are businesses at both ends of the track who specialise in fixing the carnage – they do very well!

So it is important to have a reliable and tough vehicle which is up for the challenge.

We use 2 types of vehicle in the Kimberley

  1. Rugged Iveco Adventure Truck
  2. Luxury Landcruiser 4WD GXL


Unique Expedition Vehicle

The Iveco Adventure Truck

When the decision was made to move away from the Landcruiser Troop Carrier style vehicles in 2016, we conducted an exhaustive analysis of the ideal replacement, and could not find one!

All the trucks available were huge, which meant we would not be able to access some of really special areas of the Kimberley which are down narrow bush tracks, so we needed something smaller.

They had sealed windows that you could not open, “Why do you want opening windows?” they would say, no one does this anymore, it’s too hard, “sometimes it’s nice to drive along with the wind through your hair” I would reply, they looked at me like I was on drugs! So we needed big opening windows.

Some used cheap trucks as the base with simple 4WD systems which after a while would not handle the rigors of the Gibb River Rd, or would restrict you to staying on the road entirely, no going through sand, no going through mud, at any obstacle you’d need to stop, where is the fun it that? We are not about the stop when the going gets tough, that’s precisely when we want to get going! So we needed a proper 4WD and a properly tough vehicle.

The trucks also all had airline style seating, we wanted the sort of seats you find in a limo so everyone can socialise as we drive along, there are some big distances in the Kimberley, our experience had been that with airline style seating in a truck people tend to sleep a lot due to the minimal social interaction, which meant they’d miss out on heaps. When so many of our passengers join the tours as a single independent travellers or in small groups, creating a space which encourages, rather than discouraged interaction was important, after all, while our tours are about exploring the Kimberley, they are also about making life long friends. So we needed limo seats.

We also needed a vehicle which was reliable and safe, so whatever we purchased needed to be new and have modern engineering.

We could not find the perfect expedition vehicle, so we decided to build one exactly how we wanted it.

And what a beast we have created, the perfect size, opening windows as big as we could physically make them, limo style seating and a solid and reliable base vehicle in the Iveco Daily SS5W, one of the most capable and robust all-terrain vehicles available in Australia

Kimberley Adventure Tours has made a significant investment to ensure we have the best vehicles on the road.

The Iveco Adventure Truck is used on our regular tours, our small group policy and commitment to access out of the way places down bush tracks means that we won’t run the large overland trucks.

It carries a maximum of 13 passengers, is air conditioned and has multiple charging points for phones and tablets.


Luxury Toyota Land Cruiser GXL


The Landcruiser is used for our private charters and is ideal for families and small groups seeking a little comfort we utilise the Turbo Charged Toyota Land Cruiser GXL which is Toyota’s luxury 4WD.

This vehicle seats 4 adults plus the guide comfortably and can carry a further 2 or 3 in the rear (suitable for children and small adults).

Depending on the group size, gear is carried in a trailer or on the roof.


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